Review: Counterfit

““Super Amusement Machine For Your Exciting Heart””
(Negative Progression)

For anyone who has ever been a stoner out there, you know how sometimes you just can’t seem to get enough good weed and everyone can shake their chronic for keefe?  Then there are those other times that getting good weed is such a chore you’d be willing to smoke some red bud just to take reality’s edge off.  Right now, good independently made music is all over the fucking place.  I want so much to find something I don’t like in pretty much every band I’m listening to right now.  I want to say Counterfit sounds like a bunch of retards dong covers of Silverchair songs with a guy singing like Boy George or that I’d rather listen to Russell Crowe murder a song, but only half that stuff would be true.  Think highly inventive chord structures and octave leads that are fairly inventive, but sound similar to many melody driven indie bands.  The best thin

g about this band is the vocal harmonies from three out of four band members on songs like “Managing The Details Of An Undertaking” and “Better Late Than Never.”  Most of these songs are about a persons inner struggles and thinking about things gone wrong.  For instance, in “Feel The Ride” the song starts “Another night spent over-thinking.  When I was through I made a promise to myself.  I’ll have to trust my word is good.”  I spin it frequently.