Review: Crank Yankers

Crank Yankers
“The Best Uncensored Crank Calls:  Volume 2”
(Comedy Central Records)

Crank Yankers, the Comedy Central Television Show, has released this version on compact disc, and it is definitely almost as funny as the show – the only separating factor would be the visual aspect that separates the television show from other comedies on air.  Guest appearances are contributed by such personalities as Saturday Night Live’s Tracy Morgan, David Alan Grier, and Jimmy Kimmel who is also an executive producer of Crank Yankers along with his co-star on The Man Show, Adam Carolla.  These comedians go through with several hilarious situations.

One standout track that exemplifies what every pre-teen prank caller wishes for is “The Phone Zone.”  In this sketch, character Sav Macauley gets a hold of someone at his home and convinces him to play along with his fictitious phone-game show called “The Phone Zone.”  Soon enough the caller gets the victim to try to answer ridiculous questions.  “You have three seconds to count to ten!”  “The last time you went and did number two in your bathroom did you thoroughly wipe your ass?”  No, he did not.