Review: Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue

Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue
“Bitterness, Spite, Rage, &, Scorn”
(In the Red Records)

Voodoo blues rock junkies, Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue materialized out of a deep dark swamp, created by some crazy voodoo witch woman with an all white eye.  I can tell you this, she loves the blues, warm fuzzy rock guitars, cowbells, claps, soul, and skulls.  The slide guitars, and reverb on the vocals give the whole album a real dark feel, it’s creepy sounding shit but it’s really good.  The overall sound and vibe of the album is completely unique, and rocks in a classic way.  My point is that if your listening to Godsmack and you think you’re listening to real rock music you need to do two things: First, some research into bands that made rock happen. Second, punch you’re self in the face for listening to that shit.  This album rules.