Review: Dark Throne

Dark Throne
“Hate Them”
(The End)

True black metal.  That’s a stupid thing to write, “true black metal,” as if other black metal is somehow false or maybe just slightly dishonest.  What I mean, I think, is this is rootsy black metal.  There are no samples, choirs or other trappings of the modern black metal world.  This is up and in your face with nerve-ending raw guitars with a slight jangle, tortured vocals straightforward drumming and the driving bass lines common of the genre.

This is a refreshing listen: bold, under-produced, far from slick without pretensions.  I’m really digging this one.  Sometimes a guy just wants music.  He doesn’t want the sound of a producer.  He doesn’t want anything but what the band brings to the table.  Two guys hammering it out, stripped down and going for it.  I think a lot of bands forget that black metal, despite all its baggage, can be fun.  Yes, that’s right, fun motherhumper, fun!  Darkthrone gives black metal a kick in its punk ass, and my god, they just fade some of the songs out.  Fade out.  Talk about lacking pretension.