Review: Dave Brockie Experience “Songs for the Wrong”

Dave Brockie Experience
“Songs for the Wrong”
(Metal Blade)

If you still chuckle over the sick jokes of GWAR’s 1992 Metal Blade release The Road Behind and other albums, then you may be one of the “wrong” that Dave Brockie has toilet humor and heavy metal for on this album. It would seem that songs like “Hard for a ‘tard”, “March of the Faggot Soldiers” and “Should the Ugly Girl Blow Me?” are more outlandish than even GWAR is known for. It is like M.O.D.-written songs done by GWAR on this album. You better get this know before the bluenoses find out and have the whole thing recalled and the masters destroyed. Then, Brockie surprises at the end with a poignant ballad about a soldier’s death (“Churchmouse in the Snow”) and a rousing pub rock eulogy to someone in a coffin like Peter and the Test Tube Babies at the funeral of one of their own, “Isn’t is Grand Boys?” For the record, this GWAR side project is Oderus Urungus (Brockie) with Balsac (Mike Derks) guitar. Jizmak (Brad Roberts) completes the trio on drums and the band does not use costumes or make-up.

Tom “Tearaway” Schulte