Review: Dave’s True Story

Dave’s True Story
(Bepop Records)

Dave’s True Story is hip, vocal jazz born of the crisp eloquence of vocalist Kelly Flint and guitarist Dave Cantor. This album was originally only available at the group’s shows and the original 10,000 copies are long since sold. Now, the original mixes by Scott Hull (Steely Dan) have been remastered for this re-release. Four bonus tracks are included: “Joey,” versions of “Fever” and “Blue Moon” as well as a remix of “Crazy Eyes.” “Fever” was originally recorded for German figure skating star Katrina Witt for her to skate to on The Today Show. “Crazy Eyes,” along with the finger snapping, toe tapping opening “Sequined Mermaid Dress” appeared in the movie “Kissing Jessica Stein.” The excellent combination of Cantor’s witty wordplay and cultural allusions with Flint’s slick and elegant phrasing make this excellent music for well-read jazz fans.