Review: Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys
“Live at the Deaf Club”
(Manifesto Records)

This previously unreleased live concert is from early 1979, the last performance of guitarist 6025 in the then five-man lineup of the band.  At times the band is sloppy, as in the early version of “When You Get Drafted” entitled “Back in Rhodesia”.  Also, the group positively revels in the use of Echoplex making for an incongruous but accurate look at the early sound for the group.  As Jello experiments with possibilities of extending his voice cartoonishly, the group delivers “Gaslight”, a song heretofore unreleased.  The raucous set also includes “California Über Alles” with Jerry Brown lyrics, of course, “Holiday in Cambodia” and even a version of “Back in the USSR” all from a time when the DKs seemed to be on the same page.