Review: Dead Poetic

Dead Poetic
“Four Wall Blackmail”
(Solid State Records)

If your main focus in music is listening to that indie-meets-emo-with-soft-and-screaming-singer thing, then this is the band you’ll… get something from, I guess. Very average guitar, some average drumming, and some bass guitar accompany a singer whose depth is on par with a thimble. Hearing tracks like “A Green Desire made me yawn, while their bland attempt at acoustic emo (“Bliss Tearing Eyes”) make me cringe. This isn’t a terrible album; Juliana Theory-ish tracks like “Stereochild” (lyrically balanced “You’re full of indecency, you are exactly the portrait they painted you to be” stuff) do pull you out of the boredom trance, but overall, doesn’t really help justify Dead Poetic as a great band. Everything just seems so half hearted. I know you emo kids are sad or whatever, but put some cock ‘n balls into it! This just screams vagina.