Review: Dead Serious

Dead Serious
“It’s What You Can’t See”
(Thorp Records)

This CD is bright pink.  Seriously, like retina burning pink.  Dead Serious is punk as a one-eared dog and “It’s What You Can’t See” is a great album.  Sounding a lot like Good Riddance and Count Me Out, Dead Serious serves up snappy smart punk rock with a decided hardcore edge.  It’s rare to find a band that truly seems to understand the vital relationship between lyrics and music.  All too often it seems powerful sentiments are buried underneath mediocre chords and vice versa.  Dead Serious packs a vicious sonic assault featuring guitarists Bryan and Scott, who tear through each track like they’re paying the meter on a cab waiting outside the studio.  Singer Jay’s rougher-than-mispoured-concrete voice has an immediacy to it lacking in so many other acts.  When coupled with the dizzyingly quick drums and bass, you’ve got yourself a surefire winner.  Now if only there was a cover of “Flame Still Burns” by Youth of Today…oh, wait, here it is-track eleven.  Anyone wanting a little less “oohs” and “ahhs” in their musical diet would do well to give this one a spin or three.