Review: Deep Space 5

Deep Space 5
“The Night We Called It A Day”
(UpRok Records)

They can fluently spit bars, dig through crates, and straight tear it up with sic acoustic samples, break beats and rhythm.  It’s the sickest lyricist combination that Uprok has to offer. The beats have this ability to pull your attention so deep into the song you feel it vibrate inside your rib cage.  The range and consistency is remarkable and the entire album is served clean…yeah, clean…not a single vile word was spoken. With vicious vocabulary very well capable of enlightening the darkest heads, it is no wonder they have no regard for filler words like fuck.

The words get directly injected into your stream of conscious, they dissect your head and make you wonder if life worth it, are we carbon copies or are we worthless, how can we make it in a world where money is dangled in front of our faces. Pick a track, any track, you can’t find a fallacy with DS5. Every line, break and sample are strategically placed, leaving the listener with no other option but to digest and regurgitate lyrics and thoughts in a vicious educational cycle of thought-provoking positive music laid down in Deep Space…5. Oh yeah…these genius lyric junkies even freestyle in sign language, just marinate on that one.