Review: Devilinside

“Volume One”

It’s a gruff metal chug with a touch of that rolling nu-metal guitar bounce backed by a ton of straight up riffage and gut wrenching vocals.  This band was formed from the ashes of Minneapolis hardcore staples, Disembodied.  Minneapolis metal bands are good at incorporating these belt sander type whines into their guitar tones.  High whiny screams of notes that rip apart a riff as hard as any low string stutters.  Jaime Gonzales’s vocals are a constant harsh bark, but hit strong and are attention demanding.  Little metallic interludes appear as artistic instrumentals between tracks showing Devilinside are more than metallic riff riders.  The dynamic structures tucked in between the meaty guitars brings forth something mean and captivating.  The core of these songs are aggressive, chunky metal assaults making them that much tighter despite the many unexpected tempo shifts.  Devilinside do a great job of representing why living in the isolated Midwest will allow you to tweak your sound enough to stand out even when you are in a genre as overcrowded as metallic hardcore.