Review: Disarray

“In the Face of the Enemy”
(Eclipse Records)

Heavy, chug-chug-chugging, mosh-a-riffic metal like Agnostic Front chewing up the mid-80’s Bay Area thrash scene.  That might sound like a good thing to you, but ultimately it’s too much like warmed over Hallow’s Eve (who I’d rather listen to any day of the week over Disarray)* for me to really give it a heart-felt hurray for the resuscitation of mean, agro-power metal.  I really don’t give a fuck and don’t think the backing of Slave Pit Inc. or the involvement of Oderus Urungus (Dave Brokie) as producer and back up vocalist and Balsac the Jaws of Death, (adding guitar on one track) both of Gwar give the band any added credibility.   If we were to travel back in time, Disarray would have been as highly disposable as Defiance and other bands whose names I have forgotten as I will soon forget the name of Disarray which sounds more like a child’s toys strewn all about the room rather than anything menacing.
The band does get some points for keeping their “in the eighties” feeling complete right down to the cover art which depicts a Pushead influenced monster lashed to a cross about to be riddled through with holes by rifle baring soldiers in riot gear.  It completes this exercise in regression like gently sponging blood from your torn anus completes a true prison experience.