Review: D.O.A.

“War and Peace”
(Sudden Death Records)

“War and Peace” is a superb celebration of Canadian punks D.O.A.’s 25 years of tearing it up and preaching more power for the people.  Known for their extremely political stance, this anthology captures all of the favorites including “Disco Sucks”, “Liar For Hire” and “Fuck You”, as well as newer songs like “Mexican Holiday”. Released on Joey “Shithead” Keithley’s own label, it’s a perfect buy for those who aren’t familiar with the D.O.A. catalog and want an introduction to the band at a fraction of the cost.  For you D.O.A. addicts, word on the street is that Keithley is releasing his first book – “I Shithead, A Life In Punk” (Arsenal Pulp Press), and Sudden Death is re-releasing D.O.A.’s “Something Better Change” and “Hardcore ’81”.