Review: Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco
“Committed to a Bright Future”
(Spitfire Records)

Quirky, aggressive metal/circus music hybrid.  Somebody’s Mr.Bungle is peeking through (mostly in the creepy keyboards that find their way into most every song).  Keeping it as fresh as any other Mike Patton protégé paying homage to the ‘splice it all together’ approach to making twisted carnival rock.  It gets loud, it’s gets funky, it gets loud again, then spins off on some acid soaked tangent.

It’s assaulting, retreating and then getting completely distracted.  The approach is, if nothing else, interesting.

Repeated listens are necessary because they move around a lot.  That’s the process.  Keeping you guessing.  Makes it erratic, but there are definite moments of sweeping melody so this is less edgy than the obvious comparisons making this more toward the Faith No More end of Patton.  Again, the stamp of the almighty Mike Patton influence runs thickly here, but well executed.

The pounding metal sections work well and further the Faith No More comparisons.  Their press kit says the singer took a shit on stage and threw it at a crowd of Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse fans) when their opening stint was not so well received.  For that alone, I will listen to Dog Fashion Disco.  All I ask is next time the singer aims for ICP themselves and not their misguided following.  Cause just like their name, it’s hard to tell if they are taking their own madness serious, as this gets seriously derailed often.

Enjoy the difference.