Review: Don’t Look Down

Don’t Look Down
“The Fear in Love”

I just got back from Omaha.  Again.  You know I’m stoked on this girl when I’m down to switch planes like five times in a weekend.  She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and has a sexy voice-essentially everything that makes “The Fear in Love” such a good album.  And while I probably wouldn’t sit through a two-hour layover in Minneapolis for Don’t Look Down, I would most definitely take this CD with me on the trip.  Heavy (unlike Shelley), melodic (like Shelley), and undeniably catchy (no relation to Shelley whatsoever), these eleven tracks will work their way under your skin, as the infectious guitars swirl around your jetlagged head.  Riding that thin line between metal and punk are sure to conjure up comparisons to Fat Wreck stalwarts Good Riddance or Strung Out but songs like “Dramatic You” and “Right Where it Hurts” showcase a maturity and understatement that lets Don’t Look Down stand on their own as a viable force in the saturated genre.  BG tested, Shelley approved.