Review: Downset “Universal”

(Liquid 8)

I saw downset. Nine years ago. Back then, I bought their 7” because I heard they were graffiti writers. Hip-Hop meets rock was fresh to my ears, and downset. was the shit. After the first album, I didn’t really check for them again until now. Almost a decade later, what I would expect from downset. is all readily available on “Universal”: bouncing Metal riffs, and enough rap/sing/screaming to make you feel like you just got a lecture. The vocals are, at some points, more melodic than I remember, but don’t let that fool you into thinkin’ this in Linkin’. “Universal” made me want to jump around, and party like its 1995. The content is thick with social commentary, and prophetic warning cries. I remember some would automatically refer to Rage when speaking on this group, but I always felt they were better compared to Body Count. They are grittier, street metal jams that make you want to set fires. It is refreshing, to say the least, that OG’s like downset. Are still afloat, in this sea of God awful Rap Rock pussies that make me sick! Did I say pussies? I forgot to add sucker bitches. Anyhow, don’t get it twisted. I am feelin’ downset.

Hugh Knight