Review: Down to Nothing

Down to Nothing
“Save it for the Birds”
(Thorp Records)

I’m watching the Raiders game right now.  I told you I’d cave.  No matter how much watching football puts me to sleep, here I am, craning my neck away from my computer to watch Jerry Rice’s old ass scamper around the field.  Raiders fans are aggressive, snarling people and I’m sure they would like Down to Nothing.  DTN is heavy, up in your grill punk-core, with little breakdowns and lyrics that will make you want to punch a Broncos fan right in the face.

Down to Nothing is all about the energy ’cause they’re straight-edgers and they don’t care that you think that’s whack (even though, let’s face it, it is) as they mash their way through cuts like “Fire Escape” with its indictment: “They packed their bags and split/ And left the edge they didn’t give a shit…We’re an army dropping like flies.”  Yeah, you better believe they’re pissed.  And they know where you live and they know you’ve been talking shit about the cult of the X.  DTN and their twin guitar assault are going to hunt you down and rail you with their sonic assault.  And make you watch Al Davis in those busted-ass white sweatsuits.  Dude’s a kook.