Review: Dropscience

“Dies Tonight””
(Happy Couples Never Last Records)

Sort of a dismal name for a label, don’t you think?  San Diego is where it’s at man.  The girls are off the hook and the music isn’t far behind.  Look, I’ve seen these guys before and this record just does not do them justice.  Just one live performance will make even the most skeptical of listeners an instant fan of their operation.  I think it is the rock attitude with the guitar minimalism and the screaming vocals that really do it for me.

Dropscience can build up a breakdown so well that it makes me want to hurl.  One thing I do like about this album is their attention to detail on the fade-out of tracks and sweet interludes that make the tracks interchange very nicely.  This is a band that you need to listen to at full volume through headphones to really hear the whole song.  God damn, I can’t get over the energy and the breakdowns because you know they’re going to happen and the anticipation is a fucking bitch.  As far as I’m concerned this is the best band in San Diego right now.  Get into the upbringing.