Review: Dropsonic

““The Big Nothing””
(54 40’ or Fight!)

This band is freaking amazing.  It’s no mystery to me why their current label was more than happy to repress their first (and much less known) album “The Big Nothing” (originally on Moodswing Records).  It’’s because their latest album “Belle” is one of the most incredible records of 2003.  How many bands do you know who put classic rock, indie rock, and Thom Yorke in a blender and sell it for $12 a pop?  No really, the hooks are so big that Robert Plant might ask “how did he do that?”

And the vocals are so sincere and emotionally charged that Benny Hinn (the televangelist) would be brought to his knees.  If your head isn’t bouncing up and down after a track like “My Place” or “Got Me Down” there’s something wrong and as the Beastie Boys said you should “check your head”.  Dropsonic is the type of shit that I live for and I truly believe that any like minded lover of music would enjoy this band.  Although there are many sounds and bands you could throw Dropsonic in the same musical bucket with it goes without saying that this band is fresh, unique, and eye opening.  Epic.