Review: El Centro

El Centro
(Finger Records)

Orange County, California.  Great, I’ve never been oversaturated with music from that demographic… nope, not ever.  But if I was, I would be more than willing to predict that it sounded something like El Centro.  Some borrowed reggae flavor and typical guitars paired with some bass lines churned out of a funk/ska grinder and the occassional… turntable?  (Yeah, I know.)  Songs sound like a number of “Orange County,” or whatever, bands could have written.

“A.D.D.” is my top three tracks, but I hate that they hint at what could develop into a five minute bass solo but instead deny me of that ecstasy.  The vocals aren’t tough or aggressive, so they match the rock – if that’s what does it for you.  It’s not that bad if this happy, upbeat, almost predictable kind of music is your prerogative, but all I’m saying is if anyone gave me a quick quiz, multiple choice, about where El Centro’s geographical influence if from, a.) Orange Countyish or b.) anywhere else in the world, I would pick…well who am I to make assessments?