Review: Electric Six

Electric Six
““Danger! High Voltage”
(XL Recordings)

The first fun filled single from those disco influenced pranksters Electric Six.  Judging by the reviews I’ve read these guys are really trying to do something new and fun which is a welcomed change from the seriousness of modern rock.  These guys are only a couple steps right from that cinder block to the head mother fucker Andrew WK.  Although Electric Six is not partying hard there is “Danger! High Voltage”.  This jam belongs in a dance club with purple shirts, huge open collars and chest hair fully exposed (yeah, it’s that disco).  I believe the new buzz word is electroclash, but Spinal Tap and Tenacious D would both approve of rhyming “Taco Bell” with “Gates of Hell” while wearing a bright turquoise suit and huge pilot sunglasses.