Review: Ex Models

Ex Models
“Zoo Psychology”
(French Kiss Records)

With thrashing guitar hooks and start/stop dynamics that could give Avril Lavigne a seizure, the Ex Models have made their “no wave” brand of punk some of the trendiest shit to listen to, granted you’re from LA or New York. If you live in any other cities and are listening to the Ex Models, you’re not trendy; you’re just really fucking cool. That in most cases is usually better than being trendy.

Not to take anything away from the Ex Models by even associating them with a word like ‘trendy”.  It’s just inevitable that when a buzz starts happening amongst a certain group of artists, it usually always becomes “the thing” to have in your CD collection. A ticket stub maybe? And if you’re the hip motherfucker like you know you are, you might have something by the Ex Models on VINYL! Yes!
Honing their skillz in Brooklyn, New York for the past two years or so, the Ex Models have established themselves with a loyal fan base, and with the release of their latest album “Zoo Psychology” they’re exploring new ground in the realm of post-punk/no wave/neo-classic punk rock?

May sound strange, but when you listen to the music it all make sense.

Recording an untitled spilt EP (known as “Pink”) with fellow New Yorkers The Seconds was a grindy glimpse of what was to come on “Zoo Psychology”.

At times reminiscent of a modern Devo on a mixture of methamphetamines and brilliant ganja, the Ex Models are at their peak on track four “Sex Automata” and the Ritalin rage of “Kool Killer”.

As a proper full-length, the album is sparse with a running time clocking in just over twenty minutes. But fuck “proper full-lengths to hell!”

The Ex Models are definitely at the forefront of some interesting and entertaining music. Neo-punk, no wave, art rock, label it as you will. “Zoo Psychology” is must have listening for your dorm room, studio, apartment or Cooper Mini you trendy motherfucker!!!