Review: The Exploited

The Exploited
“Fuck the System”

I used to dig GBH and the Exploited and a lot of other second wave, punk-thrash “crossover” bands back when I was in high school, but it’s not really the kind of stuff that gets better with age.  The Exploited haven’t really changed all that much (despite the fact that Wattie seems to be the only original member) but the production has been awkwardly updated to current, cornball, hyper-compressed nu-metal standards.  They also throw in plenty of the double-bass, rap-metal type grooves to keep up with the kids.  In my opinion this is pretty weak.  Hardly fucking the system.  More like pandering to it.  This macho version of “anarchy” has long since been commodified for tribal tattoo sporting frat boys.  If you really are curious about the Exploited and second wave British punk check out their early albums.  This is a sorry intro and also likely to be a disappointment for old fans.