Review: Finch

“What It Is to Burn”
(Drive-Thru Records)

Since Finch released their “Falling Into Place” EP in late 2001, I’ve been waiting for a full-length follow up to the emotional pop core that my ears enjoyed in the short four tracks of the EP.  Finch’s ability to capture the likes of “EMO” while incorporating a pop-punk and hardcore sound makes them stand miles apart from their Drive-Thru label mates.  Taking from obvious influences such as the Deftones, the vocal range goes from a soft moan to a burning scream of hurt and anger.  As the vocals pitch, the music grows
intense, backing the vocal firestorm being unleashed from deep within the gut.  “Awake” demonstrates perfectly this scenario as it contains both the emotional highs and lows, with a balance that makes it a stand out track on the album.  “Letters To You,” included on their EP as a tease into the full-length doesn’t get lost within the strength of the rest of this album.  It holds strong with a more sing-along sound and punk rock vibe.  “Perfection Through Silence” is extremely attractive with its heavy guitar
intro and feed in vocals, moments of quiet and explosive chorus.  “Without You Here” starts out slow but picks up into a pleasing guitar/drum heavy chorus.  The heaviest song on the album, “Project Mayhem” is filled to the brim with the vocalist’s screaming frustration.  With all my thoughts in place, Finch’s “What It Is to Burn” is fantastic through and through. Definitely a highlight of 2002, even in the early months and an unexpected surprise coming from such a young band.  Their lyrical integrity and ability
to capture emotions in each song is truly remarkable.  Hats off to Finch.