Review: Fiver

““Here It Comes””
(Devil In The Woods)

I got to say, the first few times I listened to “Here It Comes” it just didn’t seem to click for me.  Then I took the album sleeve’s advice and listened to the whole record with my headphones at a very high volume.  It was at about the third track that I realized this is a very good “mathematical” indie record.  The irony of the whole thing is that most records I review through listening with my headphones because you can really hear all the musical nuances and of course the one album that recommends headphones was in my car for two weeks!  The closest thing I can think of to Fiver is a stripped down (and probably a little less experimental) Grandaddy without the country overtones.  The vocals are very high pitched and the use of effects and synthesizers are very hard to pick up without headphones on and the volume turned up.  Some of the effects are pretty spectacular though.

It’’s another one of those bands that has perfected the use of layers, but in Fiver’s case they want people to work hard at hearing their genius.  I bet Fiver crashed Protools or whatever program they used to make this album a few hundred times because they used so many tracks on each song.  Honestly, these guys probably went to some prestigious music school and will soon have a profound effect on the music world.