Review: The Flaming Stars

The Flaming Stars
“Ginmill Perfume:  The Story So Far 1995-2000”
(Alternative Tentacles)

“Ginmill Perfume” is a compilation of tunes by London based gothabilly rockers the Flaming Stars.  More rootsy and noisy than chunky and punky, I found the Flaming Stars refreshing in a genre that’s entirely too cluttered up with Social Distortion wanna-bes.  This owes more to Nick Cave than Mike Ness.  The Flaming Stars honestly sound more interested in making music than getting laid.  Moving, driving, full of manic drums and intelligent, but raw, guitar work.  Excellent vocals lead the damaged, melodic melee.  This is a band that is not well-known in the States for no good reason. Kudos again to Alternative Tentacles for keeping it mixed up, but always interesting.