Review: From Monument to Masses

From Monument to Masses
‘The Impossible in one Hundred Simple Steps”
(Dim Mak Records)

This sophomore release from From Monument To Masses was recorded at Louder Studios in San Francisco and engineered by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses). Green has taken many opportunities to step away from these two bands to engineer exquisite productions by Unwound, Tribes of Neurot, Melvins and more. This is a very organic indie rock taking elements of ambient music and breakbeats to go beyond a post-punk formula. The music has a lot of structure and depth from incorporating these albums given an indie-progressive feel akin to Godspeed You Black Emperor and Larval. This deep music resonates as an impression of the subconscious.

Rather than sing lyrics, the band chose to offer a smorgasbord of soundbites from 9/11 news clips to Chomsky elucidating the causes of terrorism to Bush snippets to Arundhati Roy and more. Thus the album succeeds as a single opus (the tracks blend seamlessly) echoing the fitful dreams of world globally obsessed with terrorism, its causes, effects and responses.