Review: Funeral For a Friend

Funeral For a Friend
“”Seven Ways to Scream Your Name””

Part Lost Prophets are part Iron Maiden is what you get with Funeral For a Friend. This is a collection of two of the band’s EP’s, making up that comprise release’s seven tracks. Vocalist Mat Davies screeches then melodically sings his way through the albums seven cuts. This will definitely connect with the “screamo” kids as it has the metal riffs and the catchy choruses for everyone to sing a long to.

All gripes aside it’s impossible to deny that that Funeral for a Friend haven’t written some great songs here. ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ may just be the new “screamo” anthem for 2004, while ‘This Year’s Most Open Heartbreak’ will connect with anyone who has ever had a bad break up. Funeral For a Friend will intrigue fans of Atreyu, The Used or Lost Prophets.