Review: Girl Harbor

Girl Harbor
“Shine On”
(Self Released)

Who wouldn’t want to visit the Epicurean utopia that Girl Harbor describe on “Riff City,” a place where “there ain’t no cops or STD’s / and gangs of strippers rule the streets”?  Unfortunately, the remainder of “Shine On,” a five-song EP from the NYC-based quartet, is not as appealing as the notion of a place where disputes are settled by lapdance.  Then again, what is?  Anyhow, Girl Harbor reach their peak with “Spring Is In The Air,” a heady, upbeat eighties anthem shouting out “DeGrassi Junior High, Robert Smith, and Siouxsie.” The other four tracks from “Shine On” are oddly catchy, but the disc falls short of what it could be due to the fact that Jimmy Spoiler’s nasally, squealing vocals come close to spoiling a perfectly good time.