Review: Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost
“We’re Down Til We’re Underground”
(Equal Vision)

Who didn’t love “Background Music”, Give Up the Ghost’s last album?  Nobody.  Everybody did.  It’s a killer hardcore album; original, thoughtful, bitter, loud, raw.  “We’re Down” continues in that same tradition, with a somewhat subdued motif carrying itself throughout the release.  “Love American” starts the disc off with a stunning burst of energy, pounding through one of the heavier breakdowns you’ll hear this side of metal.  Led by Wes’ relentlessly uncompromising scream, “We’re Down” progresses through plenty of churning tracks, governed by the staccato, dual guitar work of Tim and Brian, very similar to those found on “Background Music”, yet perhaps more full and certainly better produced.

It should come as no surprise that the album as a whole shows some of the maturity of the band, allowing Wes’ pointed lyrics, “You and me equals we (add it)/ I am one life minus one/ And it is my math to do” to sound all the more polished and immediate.  The gang vocals Give Up the Ghost prides themselves on are back to keep the songs humming around your skull for days on end, too.  It’s nice to see a band mature without turning into total wusses, ya dig?