Review: Gravity Propulsion System

Gravity Propulsion System
“Poison Rays Of Sound”
(Ascetic Records)

Brash and trashy, Gravity Propulsion System take a little slice of early Alice Cooper and their “fall apart at any minute” gutter-rock tradition, but update it with—don’t hold it against them—a bit of slimy garage rock attitude. At the same time, they’ve never heard of important things such as “self-censorship” or “editing,” so their songs are all like, a year long and quickly become annoying when rounded out with guitar feedback and never-ending choruses. Overall, GPS has this strange mix of genres though, blending the instrumental wank of Man Or Astro-Man with said rock and even a bit of shoegazine a la Slint at times. Does it work? At times, yes but overall this is one of those albums where you turn up the cool parts and just kind of ignore the rest…like Pink Floyd!