Review: Greg MacPherson

Greg MacPherson
(G7 Welcoming Committee Records)

His gritty sound and raw, uninhibited style affirm that Greg MacPherson is comfortable in his skin, blemishes and all.  MacPherson tediously strums away at his guitar with defined, vigorous intent but produces only mediocre results; at least his heart is in the right place though.  The 5-track acoustic EP “Maintenance” is teeming with folk undertones and a flair for originality; but is also limited due to a lack of (much needed) production.

The artistic ability is there, but necessitates a little “Maintenance” as the title implies in order to create a more solidly formed and refined sound.  Though I’m sure his style is appreciated in small, intimate venues, it isn’t exactly the type of mellow acoustic sound that I’d pop into the stereo after a long day at work.