Review: Grudge


Prong meets Nu-Metal.  Let me explain this meeting: average heavy riffing with some good solid hooks takes care of the Prong part and the intermittent rap style vocals over dull droning chords takes care of the Nu-Metal portion, and it’s mostly this latter form that prevails, at least through the first song.  By the time the second song kicks in it is clear that an industry pushed, Linkin Park influence is going to dominate Grudge’s music.  This is a ready-made package band for the MTV-Xer crowd.  It’s safe, inoffensive, witless, uninventive and built to please only the most mindless followers of this sort of bilge.  In fact, “Bilge” is a much more appropriate moniker for this hapless Nuevo-poseur junk.  And in case you’re wondering about their faith in their song writing ability, don’t.  They put their faith in God by placing God right at the top of the their thanks list.  Thank God.