Review: Hard-Ons

“Very Exciting!”

Australian punk trio Hard-Ons has spent over two decades exploring metal-punk fusion and (often) snotty, foul-mouthed indie pop. Consider the trio of songs “Radio”, “Cat’s Got Your Tongue”, and “Pimple Boy” on this new release. “Radio” is a sunny indie pop single about not getting a single on the radio while “Cat’s Got Your Tongue” is death metal worthy of Deathtöngue while “Pimple Boy” is hard punk rock.

The band is still having fun and success in metalcore music. I once started Scruffy Tearaways, my own punk ‘n’ metal act in the ’80s inspired by Hard-Ons and others. While this album is not as memorable and hilarious as the group’s ’80s releases such as Dick Cheese, it is still a worth album in the group’s formula of toilet humor and punk with metal in a vicious blender.