Review: Hatebreed


‘You want to see me fail… You’ll never… get your chance!’ Strength through confidence in oneself.  Determination in the face of opposition.  Staying true to one’s belief system and the family and friends that define that structure.  These are the ideals Hatebreed rally around and wear like a badge of courage.  Backed by crushing, brutal riffage riding that hardcore/metal punch and roll.  ‘This is for the kids who have nowhere to turn, or have nothing to live for, you think you haven’t the will to persist, you have to search within yourselves’.  It’s blatant no bullshit lyrics that gruffly slap down the vibe of Hatebreed.  ‘It’s the struggles that define us’ (from ‘You’re Never Alone’).  It’s aggression, but a focused and positive aggression.  Filtered through double bass breakdowns, torn apart guitar lines (bordering on simplified thrash stutters) and generally massive attacks of large guitar riffage.  A couple of standout tracks (‘I Will Be Heard’ – ‘Proven’ – ‘Smash Your Enemies’) really showcase the stark, crisp chunk of the Hatebreed guitar machine.  It is something to behold.  It has even toured with Slayer.  ‘Hold on to your hate – It helps you stay focused’.  Yeah.  Fuck you all.