Review: Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes
“Loses Control”
(Vagrant Records)

Can Bob Nanna’s vocals be any more earnest and pleading?  Can the hooks be any more catchy sweet?  Can the breakdowns elicit any more urgency?  Can the guitars meld their little pickings into big pumping chords any more fluidly?  Can the drums push your heartbeat any faster?  Can the guitar catch in “It’s Been A Blast ” grab your attention any more? Yes.  Yes they can.  “Loses Control” proves it.

If “emo” needs a savior, Hey Mercedes politely declines, but will do it anyway.  The track “Playing Your Song” should appeal to any fan of the band Smile (for some reason, it seems like Hey Mercedes stepped aside on purpose to make this song, as it stands a little to the left of the bands normal spectrum).

The “Loses Control” as an album is hook-laced indie rock, firing on all cylinders.  It’s emotional, without whining.  It’s smooth without being dull.  It’s thoughtful without being heady.  It’s accomplished with no sense of ego.  It’s Hey Mercedes finding their stride and wearing it with confidence.