Review: Definitive Jux

Definitive Jux
“Definitive Jux Presents 3”

I gave up following hip hop years ago. Things cross my path once in a while that are cool and I pick them up but I am not part of a hip hop army.  This comp from Definitive Jux falls into that category. There isn’t a really bad song on it. Stand outs are Aesop Rock’s “All in All” and Rob Sonic’s “Dyslexia”. That track is addictive. All in all, uh, no pun intended, this comp has a nice flow. There is the occasional shortcoming but nothing is a real let down. There is a variety of styles which is what you get with a compilation so you can’t expect to like every song but the few you will like are worth the price of the CD.  So go out and get your own copy.