Review: DJ Hell, Peter Kruder, Michael Reinboth, Theo Thonnessen

DJ Hell, Peter Kruder, Michael Reinboth, Theo Thonnessen
“I Like it Volume 1”
(Compost Records)

This idea isn’t new. Take some crafty, talented, seasoned, eclectic producers, have them pick a few tracks they like and put them all on a CD and voila! a compilation is born. “I Like it” is an interesting listening experience. It goes from Swing’n disco pimpiness to Euro trashy pop grinding to pure ’70s soul funk in a heartbeat.  Is this a good thing? I have no idea. Masta Ace Inc., Max Berlin, C.O.D. and Nathan Davis all on one CD can be fun.

To me this comp is a let down only because the tacks aren’t mixed. The CD is split up in 4 separate playlists of 4-5 songs each. It would be really cool if they got some nutty DJ to mix all the tracks in whatever order was suitable. The verdict? Lots of cool, odd tracks in one place that you’ll either love or hate. It’s campy, clichéd and funky as hell at times but i think will be a love it or hate it kind of release.  Maybe a good CD for a theme party or to play musical chairs to but not something that would ever live for months in my CD player.