Review: Deep Rooted

Deep Rooted
“Iomos Mardad”
(All Natural)

Ever since “Common” kicked the door down and put “Shytown” on the hiphop map, Chicago has been getting busy. First of all, who ever feels this CD, is going to be able to hear a strong admiration for Nas. Not in a way that sounds like biting, but in a way that hiphop was made for, expanding the formula that makes it. DeepRooted MC Io and his producers have a long future in front of them. The lyrics are positive, the delivery is on point plus the most refreshing thing about this whole package is that it sounds like it’s been here all along.

MC Io also has a solid connection to the hiphop family that’s running through out Chicago. Not only does his telephone rollcall sound official, it comes off feeling relaxed. If you think back about what bboy music use too sound like, it always made you feel like it was truly sanctified, like your reaction to it was natuaral, which is the true deff in that which is dope. Word-play, song-structure, it’s all present.