Review: The High and Mighty

The High and Mighty
“Air Force 1”
(Eastern Conference Records / Landspeed)

Let’s begin by congratulating (or castigating, depending on your point of view) MC Mr. Eon for the most tasteless one-liner of the new year; on “Nowhere to Hide At,” he alludes to Michael Jordan’s murdered father and spits, “bring that crap to your lap or desktop / or end up like Jordan’s pop at the rest stop.”  Classy.  This line, though, is a fair representation of the shock-value tactics of the rest of “Air Force 1,” the new EP from Philly duo the High and Mighty.  There are some real burners here, like “Nowhere to
Hide At,” which guest Copywrite just destroys, and “You Don’t Wanna F*ck Wit,” a collaboration with Havoc from Mobb Deep and self-described “original pervert / Humbert H. Humbert,” R.A. the Rugged Man.  Havoc’s dominant refrain, announcing himself as “a ni**a you don’t wanna f*ck with,” sounds a little strange paired with verses from two white MC’s, but it doesn’t really hurt the track.  Eon’s partner, DJ Mighty Mi, kind of plays the back on this release, as he produces only 6 of the 9 songs on “Air Force One,” but he
delivers when called on, especially with the “Clockwork Orange”-inspired “More In Outs” and the sample-heavy “Mighty Mi in the Land of Deadstock.”  “Air Force 1” leaves you wanting more, which is an uncommon feature of hip-hop albums being released today.  Unfortunately, it leaves you wanting more of something different from Mr. Eon, an obviously talented MC with a dope voice, who limits himself by sticking to ceaseless trash-talking.  Despite this problem with one-dimensional subject matter, “Air Force One” is a pretty decent album.