Review: Howard Hello

Howard Hello
“Don’t Drink His Blood”
(Temporary Residence)

I feel a little drunk listening to Howard Hello. A little like I had one beer and someone slipped something into it. I feel like a hand is steadily moving down my back, lower, lower and lower. Quite frankly, I feel like Howard Hello is trying to seduce me. “Don’t Drink His Blood” is the second release from Howard Hello (made up of Kenseth Thibideau and Marty Anderson) and it takes their original sound and opens it like a fault line.

The influence of Thibideau’s other band (Pinback) can be heard throughout “Drink His Blood,” but there is also a dull edge cutting through the music like oars in water. If there is an elevator that takes dead grandmothers and dogs to heaven, this would be the music flowing from the speakers. Everything runs together with a seamless pop current and the listener can’t help but let go. The seduction is stronger this time around and it feels too good to stop. Excuse me for a moment, I think I need to be alone with Howard. Pete Soyer