Review: Humble Gods

Humble Gods
“Born Free”
(Suburban Noize)

Before Kottonmouth Kings were a thought in the back of Daddy X’s head, Humble Gods were his main focus. Now years after disbanding, the group has reformed to record 16 new punk rock classics to drop on the scene. There are some truly classic moments on “Born Free” like the opening to the tile track that samples the Ramones as Daddy X explains Dee Dee still owes him $300 for weed; funny shit.

A lot of the songs deal with topics like media manipulation, loss of friends and just how fucked up society has become. Songs like “Fools Paradise” show that X isn’t afraid to operate outside of what most would consider “punk rock” and the material is just as fucking good. This record is just another example of why I think Brad X is truly one of our generation’s most underrated songwriters. Essential listening.