Review: Jacky Jayet

Jacky Jayet
“La Maison De L’Elephant-Ibiza”
(Milan Music)

I’ve long been leary of anything with the word “Ibiza” in the title and now I know why. Sure there are a few nice cuts on this DJ mix intended for “between parties” but overall there is no real mix or display of technical DJ skill as it all sounds thrown together into a nice package with out much effort. I guess if you are going from party to party in Ibiza “where the party never stops” then you don’t give two shits about what happens between parties as you’re too busy recovering to pay too much attention to a less than detail oriented mix CD comp.  In the moments you do snap out of your serotonin haze I guess you’d be lucky to catch one or two of the good tracks like Thievery Corporation’s “Lebanese Blonde”.  So, if you feel you need a little Ibiza in your life then just go there as I’m sure this CD won’t bring you the same feeling.