Review: In Control

In Control
“The Truth Hurts”
(Indecision Records)

“Middle class white males are set for life/ Overproduced, under hyped…can’t get anything right”.  So says In Control’s lead singer and boy did he ever describe me perfectly there.  It’s too bad the production on this album doesn’t measure up to the quality of the sentiments because this really could have been something special.  From the mean streets of Oxnard (Drano spelled backwards with a silent “x”), “The Truth Hurts” sadly sounds like it was recorded on the sidewalk of one of those very boulevards.

However, the gritty feel to the album matches the thrashy, hardcore sound nicely, so it’s not like the whole thing constitutes a wasted effort.  I’ve got a feeling In Control is one of those bands that rules to see live because they’ve got so much energy and explosion so you rush to the back of the club to pick up an album and on the drive home you’re sitting there scratching your head and wondering if you should have spent your eight bucks on a burrito and a few beers.