Review: Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafters

Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafters
““Reckless Burning””
(Burn Burn Burn)

It seems so weird to me that I would ever like a band like this.  My roots would say never to this album, but there is something about this band that just draws me in.  Most of the best music comes from despair and this band is the remnants of a couple of very influential bands including Whiskeytown who was a founding father of the movement.  The closest thing I have ever heard to this is Low, but this has a very, rhine-stone cowboy sort of quality that Low lacks.  Most of these songs have this twangy sad song exterior with some real grooving piano and strings for the foundation.  The best thing about this band is Jesse Sykes vocals which are very emotional and painfully yet beautifully delivered.  It’s pretty amazing to hear a good female vocalist with a large vocal range being backed up by telecaster solos.  “Reckless Burning” is a very sad album though so if you do decide to check this one out have your shrink on speed dial.