Review: Junior Kelly

Junior Kelly
(VP Records)

Quality marks are high on this record though its anthem is definitely not originality. Junior Kelly seems to have settled into a style that he can call his own.  Vocal qualities are great, we  know that he has an amazing voice, but I was looking forward to some expansion  on his already broad stylizations, he obviously felt differently. Just when you think that he’s bout to get hardcore on you, get down and dirty with some of that Dancehall flavor he pulls out, it all returns to a peaceful melodic pace.

This disc is Junior Kelly, it just doesn’t seem to be all of him. I am not positive what this change means,  it could be viewed as maturation, unfortunately he has left out something that has been enjoyed in the past. Take Me There, one of the most intriguing songs on the record features Calibe, and a strong solid beat made deeper with timpani and bubble like additions.

Each song stands on its own more successfully than the record as a whole, probably due to an overall homogenization.

Lyrics are well fed and full bodied, African Bound, and Black I Am bring cultural foundations alive.
Smile is a well developed Reggae Record, even though its structurally sound, I look forward to hearing more varied songs on Junior’s next creation.