Review: Kicked in the Head

Kicked in the Head
(Resurrection A.D.)

This is my first CD review of the month and it’s an EP.  Just a little five-tracker.  That might not mean much to you, but that’s because you don’t have thirty-plus damn reviews to write.  During the laborious music review process I usually save the EPs I get as a little break for myself.  You know, less music means fewer words to write and all.  But here I am, eating my desert first, in a manner of speaking.  And my desert doesn’t even taste that good.

Kicked in the Head combines elements from a few other rock bands and the result is a generic sort of Rock ‘N Roll that is self-important and a little pompous.  If it’s your first record you can’t be sitting back singing about “those were the days, yeah, those were the days”-save that for when your supple young bodies have been ravaged by alcoholism and late nights with women whose names you don’t remember.  The guitars are prevalent and heavy throughout “Salita” and are best used on “Arizona”, a good driving song.  Unfortunately, I’m sitting at my PC instead of on the PCH (pretty clever, huh?) and the Stone Temple Pilots routine is getting a little stale.  Included on this enhanced CD is a live video that didn’t work on my computer.  I wasn’t really that upset about it.