Review: King’s Evil

King’s Evil
“Deletion of Humanoise”
(Crash Music)

If you’re looking for the missing link between Kreator’s “Flag of Hate E.P.” and their full length “Terrible Certainty,” then may I suggest you look into King’s Evil’s “Deletion of Humanoise”?  They’re not a Kreator rip-off band entirely since they also show guitar work that demonstrates their deeper rooting in German metal including Deathrow (circa Raging Steel) and Destruction (circa Infernal Overkill), but the King’s Evil lads aren’t German or even European.  They’re a Japanese four piece and metal fans in Japan must be very pleased to have them.  There are two fellows by the last name of Yamada, I’ll assume they’re brothers, both of whom play guitar and one of which takes the task of singing the Mille Petrova inspired vocals in English which makes for some interesting phrasings that make little to no sense.  The band may have been better off singing in their native tongue rather than coming up with such happy little couplets as “Who do you think you are?  It pains unbound.  Pulverize you!/True back human.  A heart of stonecold black.”  Lyrics like that I haven’t had the joy of hearing since a young Voivod shouted, “Go shit I’m not a fish!”