Review: KISS

“The Very Best of”
(Mercury / UTV Records)

This cd rocks- I mean please its KISS, they paved their own way into rock history with their own original stlye and flavor. They have also rocked thousands and thousands of ladies across the globe-well maybe just Gene Simmions. Well anyway, come on another “greatest hits”? KISS just released their box set,and not to mention there are already like 4 “best of” cds out.  Well I guess with KISS’s sudden departure from Mercury/UTV Records the record companys felt they had to cash in one last time from one of rocks all time greatest bands.  In doing this it takes points away from the album but nevertheless “The Very Best of KISS” is a great record with 21 original tracks of pure rock mayhem.  This cd features all the great classics such as “Detroit Rock City”, “Calling Dr. Love”,and “Lick it Up”. But of course one of the coolest anthems ever is on the album- a version of “Rock and Roll All Nite” from the 1975 album “ALive!”.  You have got to admit this is a cherry album  for the longtime fan or the new listner. And I would recommend anyone who wants great original rock music to buy this “greatest hits” record or any one of the other 4 greatest hit cds out. (hint,hint)