Review: Lamb

“Between Darkness and Wonder”
(Koch Records)

Louise Rhodes and Andrew Barlow, (aka) Lamb, have always sounded interesting to me, but have never managed to hold my attention.   Until now that is.  These songs are a dynamic mix of acoustic and electronic sounds that come together to cradle the vocals.  Acoustic drums mixed with electronic bleeps, scratches and tasty string arrangements to make what?  Excellent and sometimes dark, trippy pop songs that continue the bands’ evolution.  I’ll admit, I’m not always in love with Rhodes’ voice, but her delivery is there and you can’t deny sincerity and passion.  Lamb definitely cherish their musical craft and production value on this record is quite high.  Overall if you like Lamb, you’ll like this and if you haven’t heard Lamb before, then maybe now is the time to give them a listen.